Purpose of IC101:

  • To excite your creativity 
  • To make you understand that there is much more than technology and/or engineering that goes into design of a final product 
  • To expose you to some basic tools and techniques of visualization (creative design), understanding electronics and mechanical design 
  • To make you use AutoCAD, PCB design, PCB making, Lathe machine, CNC machine and 3D Printer

During the full semester we will try to relate ICT with various domains of professional verticals of AI, Communication Technology, Computational/Data Science, Design, Fashion, Healthcare, Landscaping, Machine Learning, Music, Photography & Art, Quantum Computing and Measurement, Robotics & IoT, Science Education, Speech technology, Semiconductor Devices, Social Media etc.

This is primarily a lab-centric course in which we give opportunity to learn from hands-on experience.

SC220 Groups and Linear Algebra is a third semester core course for B.Tech(ICT) and B.Tech(ICT) with minor in Computation Science. This course introduces students to Abstract Mathematics through two algebraic structures: Groups and Vector spaces.