Course Objectives:

  1. ICT in itself may not generate a vivid picture of itself, but it encompasses almost all walks of our lives. The prime objective of this course is to make students aware of the ubiquity of ICT. Therefore this is a foundation course.
  2. This course is designed to provide students a contextual understanding of different facets of ICT and how the information and communication technologies (ICT) manifested in various existing and emerging verticals of science, technology and engineering as well.
  3. Lectures are planned in a way to expose the students to many of the STEAM verticals.
  4. Lectures comprise of various problem statements considering the real-world issues and need to provide the ICT based solution to abate those issues.
  5. If the lectures are to help them to “think and ideate,” lab work involves “visualization” of spaces and objects and ultimately the solutions – 1D, 2D, 3D, projections, isometric views of lines, embedding of solids will be introduced in the Lab classes.
  6. As a future ICT engineer these students have to observe challenging issues around them and solve them to improve the quality of life of the society at large. These solutions, within the scope of ICT, may be from pure design part, from mechanical design aspect and/or from electrical/electronics point of view. In the Lab classes we try to give them a glimpse of these three modules, as far as possible.