Information Systems Security is concerned with the usage and implementation aspects of information, computer and network security. Students will understand the spectrum of security, assurance and risk management of information systems. The course aims to cover system and network system protection, vulnerability assessment and risk management. Students will have hands-on experiments on some interesting problems in information systems security. After completion of this course, students will be able to display in-depth understanding in computer security, network security, and managing security in real-world problems.

This course has been designed keeping in mind the application-oriented nature of the MSc IT program and the programming background of the students, most of who join this program after completing BCA or BSc IT. The course is hands-on with strong emphasis on coding and creating projects. The course demands creativity in thinking, excellence in coding and team skills in order to work on the projects.

The course will cover the following topics: graphic models and architecture, graphics programming, interaction and animation, geometry and transformations, viewing, lighting and shading, discrete techniques like texture mapping and environment mapping, hierarchical modeling. If there is time, the following advanced topics will be introduced: curves and surfaces, ray tracing, shadows, opacity, fractals.